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Building an inclusive home for art.

We are building a social and professional platform for the art world. MyMA is a free and inclusive space for artists, institutions, and enthusiasts to inspire each other, build a community, and reach new audiences.

MyMA also hosts ongoing programming to support and amplify artists on the platform including the MyMA Artist Grant Series and editorial programs. We are also working with other art institutions to host and manage their programs on MyMA for free, enabling artists to easily discover and apply to different opportunities using just one profile.

This is the beginning of an exciting and collaborative journey. We are committed to continuously evolving and improving MyMA with the community's insights and needs. Join the artist community and help us build an inclusive home for art!

Buildingan inclusive home for art.

A social, professional platform for art

While the artist profiles are currently used to participate in programming hosted on MyMA, we will soon allow all artists, professionals, and institutions to use MyMA to build connections, discover art, and publish and promote their programming for free.

Our vision for MyMA is a social and professional platform dedicated to art. A digital town hall where artists and enthusiasts can engage with art, connect with their favorite artists, galleries, and museums, discover new ones, learn about local artists and events, and share their artistic taste with friends.

Asocial, professional platform for art

MyMA Exhibitions

MyMA Exhibitions is a series of group shows amplifying the art of emerging artists on the platform in a non-commercial environment. These exhibitions are designed as a supportive pillar built to increase engagement and create connections between exhibited artists, art enthusiasts, and the contemporary art community.

In the coming months, we will host a series of week-long exhibitions in New York City. These exhibitions aim to create an inviting space for people to engage with art and are designed to increase accessibility and inclusivity in the contemporary art world through no-fee open calls.


MyMA Artist Grant

MyMA Artist Grant is a monthly juried grant that provides an unrestricted $500 award to one artist each month. In addition to the winner, our jurors recognize 5 artists as honorable mentions for each cycle. We publish a written or video profile of the selected artists on MyMA’s website and social channels.

No application fee is required to apply to the grant series, so we encourage artists working in any media to apply every month as our independent jury panel changes every month.

Talk to us!

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For more information on MyMA and our programming please visit our FAQ page.